Terms & Conditions

1)      Product Warranties: All warranties are limited to those offered by the manufacturers of the products used. DB360, LLC makes no additional warranties. If you ever have a concern regarding our work DB360, LLC should be notified immediately.


2)      Water Usage: You agree to provide DB360, LLC the right to use an on-site water supply as needed to complete the stated project without compensation. If an exterior water supply is required, it will be at an additional charge. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the water supply is on and in working order before we arrive. Additional charges will be applied if water is not available.

3)      Courtesy: While DB360, LLC is on location and performing work on your property, you are responsible for keeping all children and pets, as well as other individuals away from the work area. Children and pets must be kept off work surface until all surfaces are dry. This is for your safety as well as our own.


4)      Limit of Liability: DB360, LLC’s liability is limited to the total amount paid for services rendered. Customer hereby agrees to release, hold harmless, defend (pay attorneys’ fees, expert fees, arbitration costs and court costs) and indemnify DB360 LLC from any and all damages, claims or actions that arise from conditions that pre-existed the need for the specific services that DB360, LLC was hired to address.  Problems that may occur for which DB360, LLC will be released, indemnified, defended and held harmless may include but are not limited to mold, bacteria, structural damage, indoor air quality contamination, and environmental illnesses (including allergies, asthma and alleged toxic effects).

5)      Payments: Payments to DB360, LLC are due as per the Service Proposal. All balances are ALWAYS due upon completion of the job.

6)      Scheduling: Scheduling in a business which productivity relies upon the weather can be difficult. Inclement weather may affect scheduling. We try our best to keep scheduling conflicts to a minimum, however, circumstances that are beyond our control may affect your project start and completion dates. You will be notified of any changes.

7)      Removal & Replacement of Personal Property/Contents: Removal and replacement of grills, furniture, planters and any other personal property surrounding the home are the responsibility of the homeowner. Should we need to move these items, we will not be responsible for any damage, breakage or for storage issues. An additional charge may be applied for time and labor devoted to the removal of these items.


8)      Vehicles:  DB360, LLC is not responsible for damage to any cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, motorcycles, boats, or any other vehicle on or near the property, within the area where the services are being completed.  Please have all vehicles out of the driveway or parking spots on or near your property prior to our arrival.


9)      Damages: DB360, LLC is not responsible for damages due to conditions related to damaged and/or defective building construction and/or materials, including, but not limited to improperly installed siding, loose shingles or siding, broken or opened windows, improperly sealed windows and doors, wood rot, defective construction, improperly secured wires, loose or improperly installed gutters and leaders and improper caulking. In every aluminum siding case and in some cases with vinyl siding, the sun and weather can bleach the color or cause fading. Power washing, which entails removal of chalky, gritty or failing surface materials may cause the faded aspects of the vinyl or aluminum to stand out. DB360, LLC will not be responsible for such conditions. Db360, LLC will not be responsible for loose mortar that may dislodge during the cleaning process.  The conditions described above are some of the most common defects/damage encountered.  However, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list. 


10)    Stains: Some stains cannot be removed by washing. Tree sap, artillery fungus, splatters from stains and paints are examples of materials that cannot be removed by conventional means. We make every attempt to point these areas out to the customer when quoting the project. Sometimes these stains cannot be removed at all.


11)    Watertight: DB360, LLC expects your property to be in good repair and weather tight. This includes, but is not limited to all electrical service including receptacles and light fixtures. Doors and windows shall also be weathertight. DB360, LLC is not responsible for damages as a result of water infiltration from poor or improper installation, maintenance or repair of electrical related items or doors or windows. DB360, LLC cannot guarantee removal of artillery fungus from exterior house surfaces.

12)    Window Spotting: Windows may become water spotted as a result of our services. Window cleaning is NOT included.

13)    Concrete: The appearance of concrete depends on a number of factors most linked to when the concrete was initially poured and cured. When concrete with dirt, mold, mildew, algae and other pollutants and stains is cleaned, the concrete will then reveal any and all imperfections that the pollutants and stains have covered up. The customer understands that not all concrete will look the same even on the same driveway, patio, sidewalk or concrete slab.

14)    Some surfaces have oxidation, which is not removed by Soft Washing. Soft Washing does not create oxidation.

15)    Accepting this quote from DB360 LLC is acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

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